The traditional indigenous education of native children

Source Fonds du Loup Blanc (Fondation CGI)

Aniyunwiya, the eldest of the tribe, figuratively taught the children about human characteristics.

He told them, for example: “In my soul I am currently tormented by a battle between two wolves. The black wolf is boastful, punitive, vengeful, selfish, devious, domineering, cruel, liar and disrespectful, representing darkness and despair. The white wolf, on the other hand, is modest, fair, beneficent, charitable, sincere, humble, gentle, true and respectful, representing light and hope. In fact, the same battle is played inside each of you.”

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In absolute silence, the children thought long and hard. Then one of them asked the question: “Which of the two wolves wins?”. “The one you choose to feed” answered Aniyunwiya,  adding “What you do now will define your future”.