The Colonial French Louisiana

Why this travel book

This book about travelling in Colonial French Louisiana is a joint publication of ours. It is based exclusively on history. The French-speaking communities that existed in the 18th century, first under the French flag then the Spanish flag before the 1803 Louisiana Purchase by the United States of America, are our primary interest. Some of these early American communities no longer exist. However, most of them have grown to become contemporary U.S. villages, towns and cities of a rich heritage.

Today, behind any existing names of French origins, historical traces of this cultural richness can be found in the memories of times past of those over 80 notable communities throughout many continental American states. The purpose of this book is to enlighten them by means of 12 travelling routes, a kind of a voyage back in time in the mighty Mississippi basin at the heart of America in what was Colonial French Louisiana.

This work is an integral part of a broader approach that we are devoting to the Francophonie of North America in the 17th and 18th centuries. We would be delighted if our book and its contents could give rise to tourism circuits of a cultural, historical and heritage character. It is, in any case, the mission of the Réseau des villes francophones et francophiles d’Amérique, (America’s Network of Francophone and Francophile Cities), the work of which we follow with great attention.

The history of the Acadian people, Cajuns included, would be the subject of our next travel book that is in progress.

We welcome comments and suggestions. Should you wish to communicate with us, we would reply with pleasure.

Jean-Marc Agator and Jean-Pierre Bernier.

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